Blocklist manager for Firefish
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Public instance block list and manager for misskey forks


Outrigger should be pretty easy to setup. A docker image is available at, or you can build and run the node server yourself (find guides for both below). Outrigger currently isn't set up to handle TLS, so it should be run behind a reverse proxy like nginx or caddy (feel free to contribute this though, I haven't looked into it because it's not relevant to my setup).


There currently aren't a lot of server-side config options, but there are a few required environment variables:

  • OUTRIGGER_API_KEY: This is the token your Outrigger server will use to authenticate with your instance. One can be generated with settings -> api -> generate access token. The only permission ths key needs is View Instance Metadata, which requires admin perms to grant.
  • OUTRIGGER_ORIGIN: This should be the full URL that users will use to access your Outrigger frontend (eg.
  • PUBLIC_INSTANCE_URL: This should be the full URL of the instance this Outrigger server is for (eg.


Your docker-compose.yml should look something like this

    restart: unless-stopped
    container_name: outrigger #optional, nice to have for docker networking
      - OUTRIGGER_API_KEY=skdjfw98y23jwfoudyfsg243yf
    # - OUTRIGGER_DATA=/app/data # can be set to change where the sqlite database is created
    # - PORT=8080 # can be set to change the port the server will listen on
      - ./outrigger:/app/data
      - 3000:3000 # not needed if using a docker network


Clone the repo:

git clone && cd outrigger

Install dependencies and build:

yarn --frozen-lockfile && yarn build

Starting the server manually

Copy the .env file

cp .env.example .env

You should edit the values in .env to suit your setup. You'll probably want to add NODE_ENV=production.

Run through vite (I couldn't get the built server to pick up .env, but vite does):

yarn preview --host

Starting through systemd

If someone asks for an example unit file I will write one but for now I'll leave this as an excersize for the reader.


The outrigger ui for the garden is available at