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Cathode status-badge

a small app for PNG tubing. Think Veadotube-mini but completely FOSS.

Built with Tauri and Svelte.



There are a few prebuilt packages available here for the latest stable release. They are built on Bullseye Debian, so should be compatible with most up to date systems. Debian derived distros will want the .deb file, and Fedora users will want the .rpm file. Download the correct file and install it with your package manager.

Alternatively, download the AppImage, which should work on any glibc linux distro at the cost of being a considerable larger file. Once you download the .AppImage file, give it execution permissions (eg: chmod +x cathode-tube.AppImage) and run it like a command or script.

Building from source


In order to build from source you will need a few things to get started


Once all of these are installed, clone the repo and run

npm install

This will install everything needed to build the frontend, as well as the tauri cli. Building the project itself is then as simple as

npm run tauri build

This will build the frontend and backend, and bundle the .deb and .AppImage packages, found in src-tauri/target/release/bundle.

The binary itself (at src-tauri/target/release/cathode-tube) is all that is needed to run the program, so if neither bundle works for you simply copy the executable to somewhere in your path, or run

cargo install --path src-tauri 


If you have the just command runner installed, as well as the other prerequisites, then you can run

just install 

Which will build the project and install it to /usr/bin, along with the .desktop file and icons