• v0.0.1 f109d5082c

    Beta Version 1 Pre-Release

    emerald released this 2022-09-17 14:26:26 -04:00 | 58 commits to main since this release

    Huzzah! The first public release of Cathode!

    This first version contains all of the basic features:

    • Load images into 4 different frames
    • Change mouth state based on microphone level
    • Make background transparent when the window isn't focued
    • Random blinking
    • Adjustable mic threshold
    • Adjustable mouth close threshold
    • Load and save frames and metadata

    There are a few missing features that will be added before a full release:

    • Selectable audio devices
    • Selectable animations for different states
    • Toggleable hop when chaning to mouth-open state
    • Adjustable blink interval & duration
    • Clear icons & context menus
    • Documentation

    I have only been able to test Cathode on 64-bit Linux, but it should work on any platform supported by Tauri, but you'll have to build it yourself.